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Days 5-6

June 23, 2012

Yesterday we went to Stuckey Bay and got 40 turtles! During a dramatic turtle encounter, Beth toppled her kayak but recovered quickly. We found out that the waterproof bags protecting our equipment work , at least! No turtles were harmed though Beth was very wet. We spent most of the day processing these turtles and released them in the evening. At the  Billy Boy Flowage we caught a large snapping turtle in one of the traps and had to cut through the trap in order to release him. Today we got two painted turtles at Billy Boy and then captured 10 at Musky Bay. We spent most of the day repairing traps and nets and taking it easy.

We expect sunny weather the next few days so we are excited to possibly finish Musky and Stuckey Bay! The goal for each site (Musky Bay, Stuckey Bay, Little Grindstone, and Billy Boy) is 25 males and 25 females. Most populations are female-biased so we usually have to struggle to find enough males. But we are close!

-Gwendwr and Beth

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  1. June 28, 2012 6:03 pm

    Don’t capsize with the turtles!!!!

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